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Testing, testing . . . 1, 2, 3

Glyphosate. It’s everywhere. Is it in your body?

Health Research Institute (HRI) is offering glyphosate testing to consumers. For $99, HRI’s lab will test your urine sample for glyphosate and AMPA, a metabolite of glyphosate. (Your liver is in charge of breaking down glyphosate into its metabolite—but as a recent study suggests, making your liver break down glyphosate and process its metabolites may be damaging your liver).

How would you test positive for glyphosate if you’re not eating GMO foods? 

Because glyphosate may be in your drinking water. Or on your local park, or golf course, or your kids’ school playground, if those areas are sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup. And get this—glyphosate isn’t just sprayed on GMO crops. It’s also used to dry out other crops, like oats, to make harvesting easier. So just because you’re eating “non-GMO” doesn’t mean you’re eating “glyphosate-free.”

To find out if glyphosate is lurking in your body, order the test from HRI. They’ll send you a sample collection kit, along with instruction on how to collect your urine and return it for testing.

TAKE ACTION: Get tested! Request a glyphosate test kit online or call 641-552-6258

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