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It's Political

Those of you who worked so hard with us to try to force food corporations to label GMOs know that like it or not, policy decisions directly impact the quality of your food, and by extension, your health. And politicians, at least at the federal level, more often than not come down on the side of corporate profits over public health.

And it’s not just your food. Politicians set the rules for how much poison corporations are allowed to unleash into our water, air and soils—and whether or not those corporations are required to inform the public about their poisoning ways.

We wish it weren’t so. We wish politicians, most of whom are owned by corporations, weren’t allowed to play games with something so basic to human survival. But they do.

Whether we’re talking about GMOs, or pesticides (what food crops they can be sprayed on, and how much residue is allowed to remain on the food we eat), or antibiotics and growth hormones (fed to animals on factory farms), or what artificial colors or flavors corporations can slip into food products without proper premarket safety testing—the rules and regulations determining these decisions are made by politicians. 

And our right to know? About what’s in our food? What’s in our water? And even, as we learned this week, the right to know about what our government scientists uncover in the research they conduct, paid for by taxpayers? That, too, is determined by politicians.

As we face what is shaping up to be the most corporate-friendly federal government in history, we must look ahead to how we clean up Washington D.C. We believe that clean-up must happen from the bottom up, beginning in our own backyards.

Part of our work in the next four years will focus on collaborating with other national organizations on a massive effort to identify and elect local and state politicians who will defend our health, our environment, and our right to know. That work must be conducted through our 501(c)(4) lobbying arm, which is funded by non-tax-deductible donations.

This week we ask that if you support our effort to overhaul a political system that writes the rules that directly impact your food and health, that you please make a donation to the Organic Consumers Fund. Thank you.

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