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Mexico First!

A wall between Mexico and the U.S? Mass-scale deportations? Trade agreements renegotiated to give the U.S. the upper hand? Stigmatization of Latinos and the Spanish language? 

This is the new reality under Trump. But Mexico’s people are fighting back—and asking their government to do the same.

On January 18, Mexico’s Alianza por la Salud Alimentaria (Food Safety Alliance) held a press conference to call on consumers, government and the industry to protect the national economy against the threats coming out of the Trump administration. 

OCA’s Mexico-based consumer organization, La Asociación de Consumidores Orgánicos (ACO) helped organize the conference and contributed to a statement outlining actions that consumers, government officials and Mexican businesses should take to strengthen their own economy and protect their citizens.

In their statement, the groups urged a collective and rational response to Trump’s threats in order to bring about a radical change to the national economic development model and to restore food sovereignty and food health. Mexico must take a leading role in the movement to fight back against Trump’s rage and hate toward the Mexican people, and to build support for Latin American solidarity, the groups said.

What do the Food Safety Alliance and ACO recommend consumers do? Buy local products to strengthen the local economy. Boycott U.S. companies that support the Trump platform. Organize more CSAs and food coops.  

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