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Radical Rules

“This is how we win.” That was the subject line of the first email I wrote back in the fall of 2015 to the rapidly growing list of Bernie Sanders supporters. It was 6:00 a.m., and Zack and I were occupying the lobby of a Comfort Inn in Little Rock, Arkansas.

– Becky Bond, from the preface of “Rules for Revolutionaries,” co-authored with Zack Exley

The word “revolution” is popping up everywhere these days—including in our own blueprint for the next four years. But how do we make it happen?

By thinking BIG. By getting creative. By being flexible. By fighting the “tyranny of the annoying. Because organizing loses when we retreat solely into tactics that protect us from being annoyed.”

This past Christmas, each of us on the OCA staff received a copy of “Rules for Revolutionaries.” We were asked to read it (as opposed to shoving it onto a bookshelf). We did. 

We hope you’ll pick up a copy and read it, too. Because now, more than ever, we need a revolution. And we need a plan for making it happen. Because this is how we win.

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