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Let’s be clear right up front. If pro-torture Mike Pompeo can make it through Senate hearings to become head of the CIA, and Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson can seriously be considered for secretary of state, we aren’t optimistic about torpedoing Trump’s nominations for secretary of agriculture (Sonny Perdue) or EPA administrator (Scott Pruitt). 

But we still have to let our Senators know that we oppose these nominations. Here’s why. First, it’s all part of the new #ConsumerRevolution and #PoliticalRevolution that we all need to actively engage in. Ring the phones off the hook. Resist!

And second, we need to watch very closely which Senators take a stand against Trump's #SwampCabinet and which Senators don’t. So that when election time rolls around again, we can actively campaign against the lawmakers who voted against everything we stand for—and replace them with the kind of revolutionary candidates we’ll need to climb our way back out of Trump’s swamp.

If Perdue becomes our next secretary of agriculture, we can look for the USDA to rubber stamp every GMO and pesticide Monsanto comes up with. Ditto for Pruitt, the self-professed climate-denying defender of pesticides.

Please read the articles below and identify the issues you care most about. Then call your Senators and explain, in personal terms, why you oppose the nominations of Perdue and Pruitt.

TAKE ACTION: Call your Senators. Tell them you expect them to vote NO on Sonny Perdue for secretary of agriculture, and NO on Scott Pruitt for EPA administrator. Tell them that you’ll be watching their vote and if they vote YES you’ll work to boot them out of Congress in the next election.

More on Perdue 

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Dial 888-907-9957 to be connected to your U.S Senators or text SWAMP to 97779

Or you can look up your Senator’s phone number here 

Find your Senator’s twitter handle and send them a tweet! 

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