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'Unlawful Robbery'

One by one, people whose lives were destroyed by Monsanto stood up to tell their stories. The wife of a farmer who died of non-hodgkin lymphoma (which scientists say is directly linked to the use of Monsanto’s Roundup) called her husband’s death an “unlawful robbery.”

A farmer who is now battling non-hodgkin lymphoma spoke out about “this torturous journey.” 

The speakers, who were joined by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. whose law firm represents Monsanto victims, were assembled for a press conference to pressure the courts to require Monsanto, under California’s Prop 65 law, to label Roundup as a potential carcinogen.

All these people are asking for is a label on Roundup—when we all know what should really happen: an outright ban on Monsanto’s leading cancer-causing product. Predictably, Monsanto is suing to keep the label off. Fortunately, on January 28 (2017), a judge ruled, tentatively at least, against Monsanto. Let’s hope the courts continue to stand up for California’s farmers and their families.

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