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'Good Ol' Boy'

Former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue is a climate-denying Monsanto-funded politician who made millions selling fertilizer and gaming the farm subsidy system. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one Georgia resident wrote to us in an email, in response to the article we published last week about Perdue: 

“‘Sonny’ is the first ‘good ol' boy’ politician that I came to despise for both non-actions and actions that were detrimental to average Jane and Joe Citizen. He lost all credibility and respect with me in his term as (my) governor with regards to a statewide issue where children’s lives were at stake.  Do not let the smiley folksy face and rhetoric fool. [Perdue] would not have the best interests of ‘the people’ in mind, period.”

We’re not naive. If billionaire Betsy DeVos, whose only experience with public schools is stealing tax-payers' money from them, can become the Secretary of Education, we aren’t optimistic we can torpedo Trump's other nominations.

But we must encourage the unprecedented Senate resistance that's growing every day. Because of calls from people like you, every Democrat and two Republicans voted‎ against DeVos. Let's create the same opposition to Perdue.

On #ResistTrumpTuesdays, people are visiting their Senators' state offices to urge them to vote NO on Trump's #SwampCabinet. We've created a talking-points flyer to take to these events that explains why Senators should vote #NoPerdue:

Download and print the #NoPerdue talking-points flyer here.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Senators: Vote NO on Sonny Perdue! #NoPerdue! Block Trump's #SwampCabinet! 

Dial 888-907-9957 or text SWAMP to 97779 to tell your Senators to vote NO on Sonny Perdue!

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