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'Dark Forces'

In his article, "‘Dark Forces’ Are Coming for Your Organic Food,” published in Mother Jones this week, Tom Philpott exposed a proposal by the House Freedom Caucus to abolish a long list of government programs, including the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP).

But on closer look, the notoriously conservative Freedom Caucus isn’t the only “dark force” plotting to weaken the organic food sector. And it’s not just organic food, but a whole host of food safety and environmental regulations, that Trump Administration “dark forces” are coming after.

From Ronnie’s latest blog post:

Now organic consumers and farmers find ourselves facing Donald Trump and his Agribusiness/Fossil Fuel “Swamp Cabinet,” aided and abetted by a Republican (and status quo Democrat)-controlled Congress and an army of corporate lobbyists, fracking and pipeline extremists, militarists, racists, and misogynists. If we thought the “O’Bummer” administration and the Hillary campaign were disappointing, get ready for what food writer Tom Philpott calls the “Dark Forces” of the Trump Administration.

Read Ronnie's latest blog post ‘Philpott Is Right: Trump’s Dark Forces Are Coming for Your Organic Food’ 

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