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'Dark Money'

As we enter the fifth decade of losing the war on cancer, and as climate instability threatens ecosystems and our food system, it's time to unravel the network of science deniers who claim the mantle of science and expose them for what they are: propagandists who do the dirty work of industry. – article in the Ecologist, by Stacy Malkan, US Right to Know 

In a recent article published on the Ecologist website, US Right to Know’s Stacy Malkan reports on how the “dark money” strategies, funded by Charles and David Koch and their billionaire allies, bankroll not only climate-science denial, but also “a network of PR operatives who have built careers spinning science to deny the health risks of toxic chemicals in the food we eat and products we use every day.”

US Right to Know has used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to secure thousands of documents that expose the corporate-funded propaganda network that is relentlessly undermining the work of credible scientists whose only motive is to deliver the truth about the link between toxic chemicals and human health.

OCA provides substantial funding to US Right to Know, an independent nonprofit, because the work they do is critical. 

Please read Malkan’s latest article. And please help us continue to support this important work.

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