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Let’s face it, the food movement on its own just wasn’t powerful enough to overcome Monsanto’s resolve to keep labels off GMO foods.
And now, the Trump administration, aligning itself with the corporate interests of companies like Monsanto and Exxon, shows no interest in protecting consumers, public health or the environment.
We need a bigger, better, more inclusive movement, united in its vision to protect consumers and the environment, to build stronger communities, stronger economies and a stronger democracy that works for all of us, not just corporations and the 1%.
We need to #resist. And #regenerate.
We need your help. We’re asking our supporters to organize house parties across the country, and form teams to work on the goals of our #ConsumerRevolution and #PoliticalRevolution platforms.

Never worked to elect candidates to your city council or state legislature? Never reached out to local climate, health or environmental groups to rally their support for a consumer campaign? Don't worry. You can do this. All of us must do this. Our future depends on it.
Listen to the February 16 Town Hall organizing call 
Sign up today to host a house party We’ve got bumper stickers and leaflets and tons of ideas to help you get started.

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