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“For 33 years, I’ve been working to get mercury out of fish, and no one has ever called me ‘anti-fish.’” – Robert F. Kenney, Jr., World Mercury Project 

Maybe you’ve decided all vaccines are good. Maybe you’ve decided they’re all bad. Or maybe, like the speakers in this week’s featured video, you accept that some vaccines, for some people, are good—but that there may be some populations who are susceptible to certain vaccine-related risk factors, and that in the interest of vaccine safety, those risks should be thoroughly investigated.

If your views on vaccines lie behind “door number 3,” be prepared to be maligned, marginalized and labeled an “anti-vaxxer"—even if you are by and large pro-vaccine. Because, as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explains, the vast majority of journalists, under pressure from the pharmaceutical industry and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), refuse to acknowledge any legitimate rationale for a middle ground in the vaccine debate.

At a press conference held at the National Press Conference in Washington, D.C., Kennedy pointed to a stack of 240 scientific studies, unreported by the media, linking vaccines that contain mercury to a host of chronic and acute neurotoxin disorders, from ADHD to allergies to autism. Kennedy issued a challenge to the press: “Show me just one legitimate scientific study that says mercury in vaccines is proven safe, and we’ll pay you $100,000.”

Here are just a few of the most compelling facts Kennedy and his fellow panelists outline in this videotaped press conference:

•    The Pharmaceutical industry outspends every other industry, including oil and gas, on lobbying 
•    The CDC owns over 20 vaccine patents
•    97 percent of people making vaccine policy decisions own stock in a pharmaceutical company or are otherwise financially entangled with Big Pharma and the vaccine industry 
•    The CDC warns pregnant women that eating fish, which often contain mercury, should be avoided during pregnancy, yet it continues to defend mercury-containing vaccines—even though the ethylmercury in vaccines is 50 times more toxic and twice as persistent in the human body as the methylmercury found in fish
•    In 2011, the Supreme Court ruled parents can’t sue vaccine makers for vaccine-related harm to their children
•    Despite refusing to admit that vaccines may cause injury to some children, the U.S. Department of Human Health and Services runs a vaccine injury compensation “no-fault” program that has paid out millions to parents whose children were harmed by vaccines
•    When the World Mercury Project put out a call for parents whose healthy children became sick shortly after being vaccinated, 6100 women responded in just 13 hours

This is a long video, preceded by a short video featuring Dr. Bernadine Healy, former director National Institutes of Health (NIH) and member of the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Healy says she used to dismiss any suggestion of a link between vaccines and autism. But she's changed her mind: “The more you delve into it, the more you look at the research and evidence, it’s clear that the question has not been answered.”

Don't we owe it to our kids, to everyone's kids, to at least take a hard look at all the evidence?

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Injured? The World Mercury Project is looking for anyone who: 1) developed a tic directly after a vaccine, or 2) was born with a tic and whose mother received a vaccine during pregnancy. If you or your child meets the criteria, please get in touch with us at 

Hear RFK Jr. speak in person on March 31 in Washington DC or livestream here

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress You Want a Comprehensive Review and Reform of Vaccine Safety Policies 

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