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King (or Queen) for a Day?

I often wish I were a King,
And then I could do anything. – Children’s poem, by A.A. Milne

What if you were “King” of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)? How would you shape the future of agriculture in the U.S.? 

On March 2, the Organic Consumers Association presented testimony at a USDA “listening session” titled “Visioning of U.S. Agriculture Systems for Sustainable Production.” We shared our vision for the future of agriculture.

Now it’s your turn. The USDA has asked for public comments on what a “sustainable” food and farming system should look like. Would you like to see industrial factory farms replaced by a more humane and more "regenerative" alternative? Would you like pesticides to be banned from food production?

The USDA wants to hear from you—by midnight tonight.

ACT BY MIDNIGHT MARCH 9: Tell the USDA What You want Food & Farming to Look Like in 50 Years 

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