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Where Oh Where?

It's a little too early for Easter egg hunts. How about a pre-Easter GMO apple hunt?

We recently reported that Intrexon, marketer of the GMO Arctic Apple, is quietly selling the apples in 10 retail grocery chains in the Midwest. Along with Friends of the Earth and Center for Food Safety, and with your help, we’ve been trying to figure out exactly which stores are selling the apples, in which states.

So far, we’ve come up empty. But we’re not ready to give up.

If you live in the Midwest, can you help us hunt down the stores that are already selling GMO apples?

Intrexon’s GMO apples will supposedly bear a label identifying the brand—Arctic. But they won't have a label that says "GMO." (You can thank Congress and its DARK Act, for that).

The GMO apple uses an experimental, unregulated technology called RNA interference that keeps the apple from turning brown after it’s been sliced. Scientists say this process may have negative unintended impacts on human health and the environment. 

You can help disrupt the market for these apples. But we need you to act now during this trial run in grocery stores. 

TAKE ACTION: Tell grocery stores to commit to keeping GMO apples off their shelves! 

Live in the Midwest? Help us find the stores selling GMO apples. 

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