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No Excuses

Congress and the media have their hands full these days dealing with one crisis or scandal after another. Some real. Some fabricated.

We get that lawmakers in D.C. may think they’re too busy to deal with another allegation of corporate corruption.

But when credible evidence surfaces of overt collusion between a corporation (Monsanto) and a government agency (EPA), and that collusion may be responsible for making people gravely ill—or worse—Congress has a responsibility to step in and investigate.

Because the longer they don’t, the longer we’re exposed to a killer chemical.

When we launched our quarterly online fundraising campaign, incriminating internal letters and email exchanges between Monsanto and EPA officials hadn’t yet hit the headlines. When they did, we immediately called on Congress to investigate.

Predictably, no Congress member has yet stepped forward to formally demand the investigation we seek.

Just as predictably, you can count on us to keep the pressure on, until our demand is met.

We’re still about $85k short of our Spring fundraising goal. Your donation today will help us pull out all the stops—to stop Monsanto’s Roundup from poisoning innocent victims. Thank you!

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