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On Friday, March 31, #Revolution4Truth will take on the corporate media for its failure to protect consumers’ right to know and freedom to choose, by refusing to report the truth about environmental toxins, unsafe food and vaccine risks.

Listen live via Facebook here. Better yet, if you can make it to Washington, D.C., attend in person. Register at or RSVP on Facebook

The #Revolution4Truth event was organized to protest:

• The corporatized mainstream media’s biased coverage and demonization of anyone who advocates for safer vaccines or defends the legal right to make informed, voluntary vaccine choices.
• The exploitation of the people by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries that have poisoned our environment and compromised our health for profit.
• The liability shield that Congress has given to drug companies to protect them from accountability in a court of law when government mandated vaccines injure or kill us or our children.

Speakers include OCA political director Alexis Baden-Mayer and environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an outspoken advocate for investigating links between vaccines and illnesses, and holding drug companies accountable.

#Revolution4Truth event schedule 

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