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Dangerous Work

With Easter just around the corner, children in many parts of the world will celebrate by diving into baskets full of chocolate. 

But for the more than 2 million children in West Africa, forced into dangerous work on cocoa farms, chocolate is nothing to celebrate. 

Mondelez, the world’s second-largest chocolate company (owner of the iconic Cadbury Crème Egg, Marabou, Toblerone, and other brands) could make life better for cocoa farmers and their children. Instead, Mondelez’s Cocoa Life program talks more about improving cocoa production and supply efficiency than it does about livelihoods and fair payments for farmers—most of whom make less than $1 a day.

U.S. chocolate sales could reach $25 billion a year in just the next two years. Over $2 billion of that is spent at Easter alone. But very little of that money gets to the farmers in countries like West Africa.

If you buy chocolate this Easter, buy from one of these Fair Brands. In the meantime, tell Mondelez to pay cocoa farmers a fair price!

TAKE ACTION: Tell the World’s Second-Largest Chocolate Company: It’s Not OK to Keep Farmers in Poverty! 

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