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Has modern medicine reduced human suffering? Improved human health?

Not entirely, argues David Richard, author, editor, health enthusiast and former owner and publisher of Vital Health Publishing:

Modern medicine has failed us by providing unnatural solutions to natural problems. We are ill because we live in a toxic world, filled with the unnatural stresses of industrialization and technology along with their chemical and energetic fallout. Lost is the spiritual basis and altruistic motivation of society. Modern medicine follows a worldview that values technological innovation over healing tradition, arrogantly assuming that anything made by nature can be better made by man.

What’s behind the failure? A system driven by money, not the intent to heal.

In this guest essay, Richard explains the role the U.S. patent law has played in creating a "degenerative" healthcare system, and why he holds out hope that we will someday transition to "regenerative" healthcare.

Read 'Modern Medicine, Patent Protection and Degenerative—or Regenerative—Healthcare?'

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