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March for Science—'Bee' There!

Pesticides hurt pollinators. But policymakers are ignoring the science.

That’s why OCA, along with Beyond Pesticides, Center for Biological Diversity, Center for Food Safety, Friends of the Earth, Pesticide Action Network and Smart on Pesticides have organized a Pollinators Procession for the upcoming March for Science, happening Saturday, April 22, in Washington, D.C. If you’ll be in D.C. for the March for Science, and want to join the Pollinators Procession, you can meet up with OCA’s Alexis Baden-Mayer at 1.45 p.m. on April 22 at the corner of 15th and E Street.

Can’t make it to D.C.? So far, 514 satellite marches have been scheduled in cities across the country. If you plan to attend one of these satellite marches, and would like to organize your own Pollinators Procession, contact our staff and we’ll send you a package of materials to distribute.

There’s plenty of scientific evidence pointing to neonicotinoid pesticides as a primary cause of mass death in honeybee populations. Scientists have also concluded that glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide) is killing off the milkweed plant—which is the monarch butterfly’s only source of food.

Regulatory agencies like the EPA and USDA are censoring science like never before. The March for Science gives us a great opportunity to draw attention to the plight of pollinators.

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