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Grow Ahead

Monsanto and industrial agriculture would have you believe that their GMO monoculture crops are the answer to world hunger. That’s a flat-out lie.

In fact, small-scale farmers, working only 25 percent of the world’s farmland, produce 80 percent of the food for developing countries. Yet those farmers are increasingly vulnerable to mounting threats, including climate change. 

And unlike heavily subsidized corporate agribusiness, small farmers get little or no government or market support to help them overcome challenges or market their goods.

Wouldn't it be great if you and I could help the world’s farmers, the farmers who use agroecological practices that build healthy soil and strong local economies? Now we can—thanks to Grow Ahead, a new an online lending and funding program that connects individuals and organizations directly to small-scale family farmer organizations. 

The new program, launched by Fair World Project (a project of OCA), makes it easy for consumers and organizations to support small farmers by providing critical resources, including farmer-led trainings which have a proven track record of success in farming communities.

Just think what we could do if we all pitched in just a little.

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