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'Some Great Cracking'

“Maybe we’re on the cusp of some great cracking. Instead of just paying lip service to community, while living for autonomy, I get the sense a lot of people are actually about to make the break and immerse themselves in demanding local community movements.” – David Brooks, “The Great Affluence Fallacy,” New York Times, August 9, 2016

In an article that speaks to the “money can’t buy happiness” theme, conservative columnist David Brooks contrasts the communal nature of 18th-century Native American tribes with the parallel “buddingly commercial” society of European settlers:

As time went by, the settlers from Europe noticed something: No Indians were defecting to join colonial society, but many whites were defecting to live in the Native American one.

Brooks’ commentary focuses primarily on the social-consumer aspect of society, not so much the political. He talks about the relationship between "community" and happiness. But you’ve probably noticed that almost every discussion about today’s dangerous and discouraging political climate also includes a growing emphasis on community, and on the need to get involved in community activism and local politics.

In the coming months, you will hear us asking you to get involved—in person—in your community. By supporting local, organic and regenerative producers and brands. But also by participating in local politics, either by campaigning for local initiatives or for local candidates who support the issues that are important to you.

Please consider a donation today to help us build out a massive on-the-ground army of consumers and citizens committed to reclaiming our country from greedy corporations and the politicians who pander to them. 

Let’s “make the break and immerse” ourselves in “demanding local community movements.” Thank you!

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