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Poison Peddlers

It’s probably not in your garage, or on your shopping list.

But how many of your neighbors will spray their lawns and gardens this summer with Roundup herbicide, thus exposing you (and your family and pets)—possibly without your knowledge and definitely against your wishes—to Monsanto’s cancer-causing chemicals? 

If the answer is one, it’s one too many.

With everything we’ve learned about the health risks of exposure to Roundup (and its key active ingredient, glyphosate), and the lengths to which Monsanto has gone to hide those risks, no ethical retailer should still be selling Roundup to consumers.

On one of its Roundup product labels, Monsanto boasts: “Kills Weeds not the Lawn.” What the label doesn’t tell you is that Roundup can also kill people—just ask the hundreds of people suing Monsanto for failing to warn them that Roundup is linked to non-Hodgkin lymphoma. 

It's time for big retail chains to stop peddling poison. Period.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart: Stop Selling Monsanto’s Roundup!

Post your comments and share this petition on Facebook (Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart)

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Download this leaflet and deliver it to the manager of your local Home Depot and/or Walmart stores. (You can also ask managers at any of your local hardware stores to stop selling Roundup).

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