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It. Is. Doable.

While Trump mulls pulling out of the international Paris climate agreement, the 52 countries that make up the Commonwealth of Nations are collaborating on strategies to address global warming—strategies that will also strengthen their economic resilience.

“The ideas are already out there,” Prince Charles told a gathering of Commonwealth representatives in London, at the Commonwealth’s first Regenerative Development to Reverse Climate Change Conference, held May 18, 2017, in London.

OCA’s Regeneration International project sent several of our representatives to the conference. We put together an overview video with some of the highlights. Plus we conducted a few exclusive interviews with some of the speakers, including Patricia Scotland, secretary general of the Commonwealth; David McConville from the Buckminster Fuller Institute; and Paul Hawken, of Project Drawdown.

The Commonwealth’s secretary general explained in our interview with her why the Commonwealth is optimistic in the face of the growing threat global warming poses to its member states:

“That which we hoped might be possible, is possible. It is doable. As our atmosphere has gotten hotter and hotter, what we have seen is that the earth, which needs the carbon, is losing the carbon, and degenerating. So how do we send that carbon home? If you now look at what our traditional farmers were doing, and understand that traditional farming, it re-irrigates land, and can turn land that’s a desert back into green, usable land.”

The Commonwealth member states, which represent some of those regions in the world considered the most highly vulnerable to climate-related food and economic insecurity, have committed to an ongoing schedule of conferences on regenerative development.

Good to know that some world leaders have connected the dots between agriculture, climate, and economic and food security.

Watch the overview video

More videos from the Regenerative Development to Reverse Climate Change Conference in London

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