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Nothing lifts the spirits quite like discovering good things happening in the world of agriculture and land restoration—and rewarding the people behind those good things.

Last year, OCA’s Regeneration International (RI) project announced a global competition for the best scalable and replicable regeneration projects. After much deliberation—and much lamenting of the fact that only five projects could win—the RI steering committee announced the winners.

The winning projects, selected from a field of 216 entries from 60 countries, are:

Acacias for All (Tunisia), for halting desertification caused by climate change in Tunisia by planting green walls of acacia trees in collaboration with local rural populations.

Agua Santa Regeneration (Ecuador), for restoring highly degraded ancestral lands in the high Andes of Ecuador and supporting the families of surrounding communities by supplying fruit trees for their gardens and offering trainings in agroforestry.

Grow a Farmer (Uganda), for combining information communication technology, permaculture and business into a single 'three-dimensional model' that will build a critical mass of small-scale farmers to enable them to regenerate ecosystems and build self-sustaining communities.

Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) (Haiti), a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting soil resources, restoring the environment, promoting the growth of local economies, and empowering communities through transforming waste into resources such as compost in Haiti.

Worldview International Foundation (WIF) (Myanmar), for its pilot project with two local universities to restore 750 ha of mangrove forest by planting millions of trees.

These five winning projects, along with the many other creative and worthwhile projects that entered the competition, give us hope for a better—and regenerative—future.

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