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Messy Business

To infomercial hosts, carnival barkers, and other hustlers, questions about truth just don’t matter much. For them, freedom of expression is all about the hustle, not truth. For the rest of us, truth is, of course, never alive nor dead. It’s something we struggle to see more clearly, to realize day to day, to make more real in our lives. And that’s always messy business. Truth is always on life support. – “Why We Are Driven to Search for the Truth,” by Robert Jensen, published in yes! Magazine.

For more than a year, we’ve been huddling behind the scenes with scientists and lawyers who have been painstakingly reviewing test results, in order to get to the truth.

Today, we shared that truth with you, the mass media, and the millions of consumers who have the right to know what’s in their food.

We’re talking about Sanderson Farms, of course. We filed suit today against the third-largest poultry producer in the U.S., a goliath of a company with nearly $3 billion in annual sales. Sanderson sells chicken in retail grocery chains and restaurants. It also supplies chicken products to institutions, which could include everything from hospitals to your kid’s school. (OCA invited Friends of the Earth and Center for Food Safety to join the lawsuit, too. Strength in numbers, and all).

Sanderson’s false advertising affects all of us. The consumers who mistakenly trusted Sanderson’s “100% Natural” advertising claims, and end up eating contaminated food. Anyone who may need an antibiotic to fight off an infection—only to find that antibiotic ineffective. Farmers and producers who raise chicken right, and tell the truth about their practices and products.

This lawsuit has been a long time coming. We will use it to educate consumers, protect the environment and good farmers, and expose the truth: Factory farming is a “messy business.” In fact, it’s a filthy business, fueled by Monsanto’s endless stream of contaminated GMO animal feed.

This may be only one step in our campaign to end factory farms and take back our food—but it’s a critical one. And it’s one that will require significant resources as we go up against corporations like Sanderson, with deep pockets and shallow ethics.

Fundraising can be a messy business, too—especially when so many good organizations need funds to do their good work. Our summer campaign got off to a late and slow start. If you help us reach our goal by midnight June 30, your donation will be matched by both and Dr. Bronner’s. Thank you for helping get to the truth. We couldn't do it without you.

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