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Round It Up!

What better way to celebrate California's addition of glyphosate to its Prop 65 listing of chemicals "known to cause cancer" than to get rid of Roundup in your own community. 

Moms Across America chose to designate July 7 as National Return Roundup Day. The idea was triggered in part by Linda Mulligan, a New Hampshire high school teacher who teaches a "Random Act of Kindness" class. Students are required to come up with a random act of kindness for each day of the week. On one of those days, the students went into barns and garages, gathered up containers of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, and took them back to their local hardware stores.

National Return Roundup Day is a great idea—but why limit it to one day? And why stop there? There are countless ways to #ResistGlyphosate, beginning in your own community. Here's how to get started:

  1. Join a local #Resist & #Regenerate Meetup, or start a new one, to connect with neighbors interested in starting a local #ResistGlyphosate action team.
  2. Roundup the Roundup! Start with Roundup containers in your own garage. Return them to your local retailer. While you're at it, round up any unused and/or open containers of other lawncare poisons, including neonicotinoids and 2,4-D.
  3. Boycott all Scotts Miracle-Gro products, even the organic ones. Scotts is the exclusive distributor of Roundup to retail stores in North America, most of Europe and parts of Latin America.
  4. Download this leaflet and take it to your local retailers. Ask them to stop selling Roundup. Who sells Roundup to consumers? Amazon, Costco, Home Deop, Lowe's, Walmart, Ace True Value, some grocery chains, and local independent hardware stores.
  5. Ask your Park and School Boards to stop using Roundup and other chemicals.

Need suggestions? Inspiration? Resources? Try these:

  • Watch this webinar, from the Institute for Responsible Technology, on how to organize in your community to resist pesticides.
  • Check out the Beyond Pesticides map of communities that have banned pesticides for model legislation and helpful tips.
  • Download Beyond Pesticides' resource guide for organizers.

Getting warning labels on Roundup sold in California is a great step in the right direction. What's even better? Getting Roundup out of retail stores, and out of our communities, including parks and playgrounds.

We can do it, if we organize. Just ask Kathleen Hallal, California activist, mom, and founder of Non Toxic Irvine. Hallal and other concerned citizens convinced Irvine, Calif. city council to adopt an "organics-first policy" to control weeds and pests. Read Hallal's inspiring story—then write your own!

TAKE ACTION: Tell Amazon, Costco, Home Depot and Walmart: Stop Selling Monsanto’s Roundup! 

TAKE ACTION: Tell Scotts Miracle Gro You're Boycotting all Miracle Gro products until Scotts stops distributing Roundup!

Watch the ‘Return Roundup Day!’ video

Download the ‘Get Roundup Out of Retail’ leaflet

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