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Between 2012-2016, Monsanto and Big Food spent several hundred million dollars to keep labels off foods that contain GMOs. Industry’s biggest victory was the preemption of Vermont’s GMO labeling law with a bogus federal law that will result in exactly what they wanted: no labels.

Financially, the grassroots labeling and anti-GMO movement couldn’t compete.

But we are still very much alive.

So alive, in fact, that Monsanto is facing hundreds of lawsuits for failing to warn people that its Roundup herbicide causes non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and several lawsuits demanding label changes on Roundup sold to consumers.

So alive, that an international tribunal publicly condemned Monsanto’s actions, paving the way for legal action on a global scale.

So alive, that California says the state will require Monsanto to place warning labels on anything, including herbicides and food, that contain glyphosate.

As the saying goes, we may not get everything we work for—but we’ll work for everything we get.

Monsanto’s commodity crops prop up a filthy, inhumane factory farm industry.

Monsanto’s poisons pollute and kill, the environment and the people who come in contact with them.

Increasingly, as those poisons invade our food, degrade our soils and seep into our drinking water supplies, we are all exposed—which just makes us all the more determined to rid the world of Roundup and Roundup-Ready crops.

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