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Carbon Conversation

“Capitalism has failed by failing to put a value on carbon.”

Regeneration International's (RI) Oliver Gardner caught up with organic food pioneer Craig Sams this week in Wales, at the Harmony in Food and Farming Conference, hosted by the Sustainable Food Trust.

Sams, who launched the first organic corn flakes cereal and also founded Green & Black’s Chocolate and Carbon Gold, Ltd., spoke about the need to rethink the role of carbon in our economies, and especially in global agriculture. 

Capitalism is about placing a value on every resource that’s important to us, Sams said. We place a value on land. Cattle. Gold. Oil. But not on soil carbon.

“Carbon has a positive value. It enhances the quality of soil, and therefore our ability to produce food. Carbon also has a negative value. If we lose it from the soil, we lose the value, the quality, the structure of the soil, and we are putting it in the atmosphere where it leads to global warming.”

Who has a vested interest in not valuing carbon? Agribusiness, explains Sams.

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