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Stop Stalling, Scooper Man!

joestein solheim 250x250.jpg

Ben and Jerrys CEO Joestein Solheim scooping ice cream

Photo: Toby Talbot, AP

Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim, aka "Scooper Man," says this on the ice cream maker’s website:

“My mantra that I've repeated a hundred times since starting at Ben & Jerry's is: ‘Change is a wonderful thing.’"

That's funny. Because there's one really important change that Ben & Jerry's just won't make: transitioning to 100% organic milk. 

Ben and Jerry's brags about how the company cares about “children and families, the environment and sustainable agriculture on family farms.”

In fact, Ben & Jerry’s is one of the biggest supporters of an industrial dairy system that pollutes Vermont’s waterways, perpetuates the abuse of animals, runs farmers out of business, exploits  farmworkers, promotes agricultural practices that contribute to global warming, and feeds kids Roundup Ready ice cream.

What does Ben & Jerry’s really care about? Maximizing profits. That’s what company executives said behind closed doors to activists who for two decades have been pressuring the company to go organic.

For 20 years, activists have played nice with Ben & Jerry’s, politely making the case that the company should live up to its claims of “social responsibility” and all that that expression promises.

Enough. It’s time for Ben & Jerry’s to stop scamming consumers. And start going organic.

And it’s time for consumers to #DumpBenandJerrys and go with local or regional organic brands. Try searching Local Harvest and Eat Wild to find local organic ice cream brands. If you don’t have a good local source of organic ice cream, these national brands—Alden’s (organic), Julie’s Organic and Three Twins. They all tested negative for glyphosate.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim (aka Scooper Man): Roundup-Ready Ice Cream is not  'natural' or ‘socially responsible.’ Go 100% Organic!  

Text 'dirtydairy' to 97779 to sign the petition

Sign up to organize a Ben & Jerry’s protest and media event in your community

Call Ben & Jerry’s (802-846-1500) and ask the company to go organic.

Post on Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page

Click to tweet this message to Ben & Jerry's

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