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Not So 'Wonderful'

The Wonderful Company claims to sell “healthy” foods, under brand names like POM, Fiji Water, Wonderful Almonds, and others.

But you may be surprised to learn that the Wonderful Company uses toxic oil-drilling wastewater to grow their products.

How can that be? Because California, where so much of our food is grown, allows water districts to buy contaminated oil wastewater and resell it to growers.

As reported by EcoWatch, in the last three years, farmers in parts of California's Central Valley irrigated nearly 100,000 acres of food crops with billions of gallons of oilfield wastewater. Much of this water is believed to contain toxic chemicals, including chemicals that can cause cancer and reproductive harm, according to an Environmental Working Group (EWG) analysis of state data.

Just how much food sold in the U.S. comes from California? According to Food & Water Watch, the numbers are high: Almonds, 98 percent; celery, 95 percent; broccoli, 96 percent; olives, 99 percent; and lemons, 91 percent

The Wonderful Company needs  to back up its marketing claims of “healthy” and “best.” The company can start by refusing to use oil wastewater for irrigation purposes, and by leaning on California’s Gov. Jerry Brown to ban the use of chemical-tainted wastewater on food crops.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the Wonderful Company: Don’t pollute our fruit!

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