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Yearning for Organic

Many of you alerted to an email you received this week from Our Revolution. The email promised to enter you in a contest to receive a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s “Bernie’s Yearning” ice cream. (It was a fundraising email, but you could enter to win the ice cream even if you didn’t donate).

As you know, OCA is a big fan of Our Revolution—so much so, that we’ve urged you to join, or start a chapter of your own.

And when it comes to Bernie, OCA supports a political revolution based on policies that align closely with those of Bernie’s.

So, for the most part, we’re on the same page as Our Revolution and Bernie. Except when it comes to Ben & Jerry’s.

The marketing gurus at Ben & Jerry’s know exactly what they’re doing. By aligning their brand with Our Revolution (it’s called greenwashing), Ben & Jerry's hopes you won't notice that the company’s policies aren’t aligned with yours.

By supporting industrial factory farm dairies, Ben & Jerry’s is one of Vermont’s largest polluters. Ben & Jerry’s is one of the reasons that nearly 90,000 acres of Vermont farmland are planted in GMO crops—crops heavily sprayed with poisons like Monsanto’s Roundup, atrazine, metolachlor and others—grown to feed dairy cows confined in barns for most of their lives.

So, here’s the deal. If you got one of these emails or texts from Our Revolution, let them know that you support their work. But send them a note, or make a note in your donation form, stating that you don’t support Ben & Jerry’s. Tell Our Revolution that you also support the #ConsumerRevolution, which holds corporations accountable—so you’ll pass on the free pint of ice cream. Unless it’s organic!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, please sign our petition asking Ben & Jerry’s to go organic!

Call Ben & Jerry’s (802-846-1500). Tell them you don’t want free ice cream—unless it’s organic!

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