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Bad Bug

We know that the routine use of antibiotics on factory farms led to antibiotic-resistance and a huge public health crisis.

Now new research by scientists at Dalian University of Technology in China have uncovered another factory farm-related source of antibiotic resistance: antibiotic-resistant genes in the fishmeal, meat-and-bone meal and chicken meal fed to animals imprisoned in factory farms.

The Independent reports that researchers have determined that fishmeal, “one of the most globally traded commodities,” is serving as “a vehicle to promote antibiotic-resistant gene dissemination internationally.”

What happens when antibiotics can no longer kill harmful bacteria? Major (but all too often routine) surgery—caesarean sections, hip replacements, organ transplants and cancer chemotherapy—become “very high risk.”

What happens if we don’t fix the superbugs problem? By 2050, 10 million people could die every year.

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