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'Angry Beast'

First Harvey, now Irma. As a reporter at Rolling Stone put it, “Mother Nature is coming for us.”

Here in the OCA offices, we’re watching and worrying along with the rest of the world.

First and foremost, our thoughts are with those most deeply affected by these storms—not just those affected by Harvey and Irma, but also those in Sierra Leone and South Asia, and Los Cabos, Mexico, where flooding has also recently destroyed homes and taken lives.

For us, these climate-related tragedies also heighten the sense of urgency around the work we do. They remind us that the time to transform the world’s degenerative industrial food and farming system to a regenerative alternative, one that can both reverse global warming and feed more people, is now. 

Industrial agriculture overall contributes more to global warming than any other industry. Regenerative agriculture has the power to reverse global warming. Yet most of our politicians and business leaders, and many well-intentioned NGOs, still focus with tunnel vision on reducing fossil fuel emissions as the only solution to global warming.

Yes, we absolutely must reduce fossil fuel emissions. But that strategy alone won't save us.

At a conference this week on the “climate economy” one of the speakers said: “The future is not what it used to be.” We disagree, at least when it comes to agriculture.

In the energy sector, sure—bring on the solar and wind power, the electric cars, the clean energy.

But when it comes to food, we need to look back. We need to work with Mother Nature. Not try to outsmart her. We need to use the “tools and technology” we already have, to produce nutrient-dense, pesticide-free food, while we also increase biodiversity (critical for resiliency), and improve the soil’s capacity to both absorb and retain water, and draw down and sequester carbon.

As terrifying as they are, Harvey and Irma should come as no surprise. As Rolling Stone reports:

This was a disaster foretold. In the 1990s, climate scientist Wallace Broecker said that the Earth's climate was "an angry beast" and that by dumping massive quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere, we were "poking it with sticks" – and nobody could say how the beast would react.

We’re just beginning to see how the beast will react. The question is: How will we react?

This week, as we prepare to gather nearly 100 people in Mexico to work on regenerative agriculture solutions to climate change, we ask four things.

First, please read the four articles below on how organic and regenerative agriculture can reverse global warming. Second, please do whatever you can to help the victims of these latest storms. Third, please support our Regeneration International project.

Finally, please use your consumer power to move our food and farming system to one that regenerates our soil, our health, our economies—our common Earth.

Time is running out.

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TAKE ACTION: Support OCA's Regeneration International Project (tax-deductible, helps support our work on behalf of organic, regenerative agriculture and climate change)

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