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United We Ask

joestein solheim 250x250.jpg

Ben and Jerrys CEO Joestein Solheim scooping ice cream

Photo: Toby Talbot, AP

You know what they say—strength in numbers.

As we continue to pressure Ben & Jerry’s to live up to its promises of caring about the climate, the environment and social justice, we’re pleased to announce that other groups are joining us in this campaign.

So far, more than 130 organizations and businesses have signed on to a letter to Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim, asking the company to go organic. We continue to reach out to other groups to sign on, before we present the letter to Ben & Jerry’s.

And between today and October 1, in a show of solidarity, six other organizations will send Ben & Jerry’s petitions to their members.

Those groups are:

Beyond Pesticides
Daily Kos Food
Revolution Network
Friends of the Earth
Label GMOs 

To make this joint effort a success, we need you to sign this new version of the Ben & Jerry’s petition—even if you signed our original.

It's critical that the decision makers at Ben & Jerry's know that there are a growing number of allies in the food and social justice movements who are behind this campaign. Soon, they will—thanks to a little help from our friends.

Read our organization/business sign-on letter (To sign your organization or business on to this letter, email

NEW PETITION! TAKE ACTION: Tell Ben & Jerry's CEO: Get pesticides out of your ice cream. Go Organic!

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