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Piling On

Some of you have asked why we’re so focused on Ben & Jerry’s. Aren’t there worse companies we could be going after? 

The answer to the second questions is, yes. 

The answer to the first question more complex. Ben & Jerry’s has built its brand by convincing consumers like you that the company cares about the environment, cares about the climate, cares about the issues dear to progressives’ hearts. But if you look at Ben & Jerry's support of industrial dairy, that’s a myth. Ben & Jerry’s can’t hold onto its lead in ice cream sales if we destroy that myth. 

If you agree that Monsanto’s GMO crops, with their toxic pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, are destroying the soil, polluting our water and making us sick, then you can’t support Ben & Jerry’s. Nearly 90,000 acres of Vermont’s farmland is planted in GMO crops—to feed the dairy cows that supply milk and cream to Ben & Jerry’s. And it's not just Vermont that Ben & Jerry's is polluting—the company also sources cream from GMO-fed cows on the West Coast.

That’s reason enough for Ben & Jerry’s to go organic. But Ben & Jerry’s support of conventional and GMO dairy is also hurtling dairy farmers into bankruptcy, hurting migrant workers and perpetuating animal abuse.

We need to turn up the heat on Ben & Jerry’s. We’re grateful that other organizations think so, too.

About 140 organizations and businesses have signed on to a letter to Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim, asking the company to go organic. And between today and October 1, in a show of solidarity, six other organizations are sending Ben & Jerry’s petitions to their members.

Those groups are:

Beyond Pesticides
Daily Kos Food
Revolution Network
Friends of the Earth
Label GMOs

To make this joint effort a success, we need you to sign this new version of the Ben & Jerry’s petition—even if you signed our original.

Read our organization/business sign-on letter (To sign your organization or business on to this letter, email

NEW PETITION! TAKE ACTION: Tell Ben & Jerry's CEO: Get pesticides out of your ice cream. Go Organic!

Support our ‘Ben & Jerry’s: Go Organic!’ campaign (donations to OCA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, are tax deductible)

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