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Climate change is insisting that we notice it. Yet our new administration in Washington, D.C. is populated with an unprecedented number of climate skeptics—including at the USDA, where we should be paying more attention than ever to the intersection of global warming and agriculture.

Moments of tremendous change, including change for the worse, offer opportunity, says Dana Geffner, director of OCA’s Fair World Project (FWP).

Our industrial food system and fast-fashion industry are taking us in the wrong direction and exploiting workers all along the supply chain. Small-scale farmers, the heart of our global food systems, are the ones most impacted by climate change and bad trade policies.

Can we reimagine our global systems? Can we change the balance of power away from the corporate, money-driven interests that got us here in the first place?

FWP’s latest issue of “For a Better World” explores these issues and more, with a focus on the positive: regeneration.

The issue couldn’t have hit the press at a better time, as our Regeneration International project prepares for next week’s General Assembly meeting in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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