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The Lowdown on Dirt

“Dirt is not exciting to most people. But it is a no-risk climate solution with big co-benefits. Fostering soil health protects food security and builds resilience to droughts, floods and urbanization.” – Rob Jackson, Stanford researcher

More scientific evidence that healthy soil is the solution to global warming—this time, from researchers at Stanford University. The research, published in two overlapping papers, “Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics” and “Global Change Biology,” says that soil rich in organic matter (decomposing plant and animal residue) can capture more carbon than plants and the atmosphere combined.

From the report

The land under our feet and the plant matter it contains could offset a significant amount of carbon emissions if managed properly. More research is needed to unlock soil’s potential to mitigate global warming, improve crop yields and increase resilience to extreme weather.”

According to the researchers, 70 percent of all sequestered carbon in the top meter of soil is in lands impacted by agriculture, grazing or forest management—reinforcing already existing evidence that organic and regenerative agriculture, land management and livestock grazing are key to restoring Earth’s natural systems.

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