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Up a Notch

Many of you have written us recently about your experiences handing out leaflets in front of stores that sell Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, including scoop shops and grocery stores. You’ve talked to a lot of consumers about why we need to boycott Ben & Jerry’s until the Unilever-owned brand commits to transitioning to 100% organic. Thank you!

But there’s someone else who needs to stop buying Ben & Jerry’s ice cream—and that “someone” is your local food co-op or natural food/health store.

Some of these stores, who cater to conscious consumers like you, carry only organic ice cream. But some of them also carry glyphosate-contaminated Ben & Jerry’s. Not only that, many of these stores display Ben & Jerry’s ice cream right next to the organic brands they sell—a move that misleads consumers into thinking Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is organic, too.

But here’s the real kicker. In doing some preliminary research of our own, we’ve found that some natural food/health stores and co-ops not only sell Ben & Jerry’s, they sell it for the same price, or more, than the organic brands on their shelves!

That’s why this week, we’re asking you to start pressuring your local stores to #dumpBenandJerry’s. We’ve compiled a list of stores. If yours is missing, please email to let us know.

Please find out if your co-op or natural food store sells Ben & Jerry’s. If the answer is yes, please download this letter and take it to your store manager. Then fill out this questionnaire.

We know we’ve got the attention of Ben & Jerry’s and its parent company, Unilever. But we don’t yet have the company’s commitment to transition to 100% organic. So let’s kick things up a notch.

Find co-ops and natural food stores near you 

Download this letter to store managers 

After your store visit, please fill out this questionnaire to let us know what happened 

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