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Monsanto’s past is finally catching up with it. And that’s making the Biotech Bully’s future look not so good—especially in Europe.

Today (Thursday, November 9), the EU Parliament again failed to agree on whether to allow European farmers to spray glyphosate, the key active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, for another five years. The chemical’s license expires on December 15 (though there’s an additional 18-month grace period).

This is great news—made even sweeter by this media report which prominently features our findings, announced October 10 in Brussels, that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in four EU countries tested positive for glyphosate. 

Monsanto has come under fire not just for the impact its GMOs and poisonous chemicals are having on human health and the environment, but also for knowing glyphosate causes cancer—but hiding it. 

From the Monsanto Tribunal, to the Monsanto Papers, to the millions of dedicated people in all corners of the world working tirelessly to rid the world of Roundup—today's vote brings hope. This may not be the end of the battle—but it signals that no matter how long it takes, we’re not giving up.

Fourteen countries voted in favor of the renewal, nine voted against, and five, including Germany, abstained from voting. What’s next? An appeal committee could be asked to intervene. Or, the European Commission could draft a new proposal. (France, which voted against the five-year renewal, said it would support a three-year renewal).

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