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'Sooner Than We Imagine'

While our Climate-Denier-in-Chief bellows on about promoting fossil fuels and nuclear energy, the scientists of the world have issued yet another warning: Climate change could force more than a billion people to flee their homes, and lead to a massive public health crisis.

The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change, an international research collaboration, recently issued its 2017 report along with a plea for governments to act fast, or suffer the consequences.

Lancet co-chair Prof. Hugh Montgomery told the Independent:

"We are only just beginning to feel the impacts of climate change. Any small amount of resilience we may take for granted today will be stretched to breaking point sooner than we may imagine.”

The report found that "migration driven by climate change has potentially severe impacts on mental and physical health, both directly and by disrupting essential health and social services."

As OCA’s Ronnie Cummins wrote last week, we have a solution for the multiple global crises we face: regenerative agriculture and land-use practices, such as forestry management. But we all—farmers, corporations, policymakers and consumers—have to participate:

Our mission today as “regenerators” throughout the Americas and the world is to recapture, reestablish and scale up these traditional practices. We must modify them to match the specific ecological and marketplace conditions in our local areas and regions. In this manner we can regenerate the soil, dramatically improve yields and food quality, restore public health, eliminate the pressures that cause forced migration, and last but certainly not least, draw down and sequester enough excess carbon from the atmosphere through enhanced plant photosynthesis and reforestation to reverse global warming and climate disruption.

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