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'Prince of a Guy'

Jack McCall, described by his wife Teri as a “prince of a guy,” avoided using most pesticides on the couple’s avocado farm. But he made one exception—Monsanto’s Roundup—because he was assured, over and over, that the weedkiller was “safe.”

Teri, along with hundreds of others, has sued Monsanto, claiming that Jack’s use of Roundup caused the non-Hodgkin lymphoma that killed him, and the family dog who often accompanied Jack on his farm rounds.

The last chapter of Jack’s life began when he sat up in bed one morning and said, “I have a lump in my neck.”

Now Teri is telling the beginning chapters of their story, in the hope that others will listen—and Monsanto will be held accountable.

Watch Teri McCall talk about her husband, Jack, who died of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

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