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Deadline Extended

Last month, up to 400 Midwest grocery stores started quietly testing packages of sliced “Arctic Apple” GMO apples.

Intrexon, the company marketing the apples, won’t tell us which stores are selling them.

The company also won’t label its apples “GMO” because, according to Intrexon’s CEO: “We didn’t want to put ‘GMO’ and a skull and crossbones on the package.”

The Arctic Apple uses a risky, untested technology that many scientists worry may have unintended, negative consequences—for our health, and the environment.

The only way to show companies like Intrexon that we don’t want their GMO apples is to not buy them—and convince grocery stores to not sell them. But first, we have to find them. We need your help!

TAKE ACTION: Join the GMO apple scavenger hunt, November 7 – December 4, to locate the stores selling GMO apples. Sign up here and we’ll send you instructions, talking points, etc. 

Download instructions for the GMO apple scavenger hunt 

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