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Farmers First

Everyone (well almost everyone) agrees that replacing fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy technologies is an important strategy for fighting global warming.

But there’s another, critical climate strategy. And farmers, not technology, are at the center of that strategy.

Farmers have the best solution to global warming, says Barbara Hachipuka Banda, founder of the Natural Agriculture Development Program Zambia in partnership with Shumei International.

Regeneration International’s Oliver Gardiner interviewed Banda at the recent COP23 Climate Summit in Bonn, Germany. Banda’s organization is training 6,000 women farmers across 30 communities in Zambia, a country where 80 percent of the population relies on farming for its food.

"Our main focus is to get farmers to acknowledge the fact that you can actually grow food minus needing to borrow imports, minus needing to poison our soil with fertilizers and chemicals."

In a press release on how regenerative solutions gained momentum at COP23, Banda said:

“The only real solution to climate change is through collaboration and scalability to build a movement for change. We are stronger together when we work in harmony with nature.”

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