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Out of Control

On October 9, we held a joint press conference at the EU Parliament in Brussels to announce that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in four EU countries was contaminated with glyphosate.

The next day, Carey Gilliam, journalist and research director for US Right to Know, delivered expert testimony at an EU Parliament hearing on the “science” surrounding glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's popular Roundup weedkiller. 

Gillam didn’t talk about whether or not glyphosate and Roundup are safe. Instead, her presentation (“Decades of Deception”) to parliament members,  focused on Monsanto’s long-running secretive campaign to manipulate the scientific record, to sway public opinion and to influence regulatory assessments. 

In this recent article, “Corporate-Spun Science Should Not Be Guiding Policy,” Gillam lays out all ways corporate-spun science is spinning out of control—and threatening public health. (News update: This week the EU voted to allow the use of Roundup for another five years—not the 15 years Monsanto wanted, but more than the three years some countries favored. France just announced that it will move forward with a plan to ban Roundup after three years).

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