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Generous Offer

There are hundreds of companies that do a great job of talking the talk (not to name names, but Ben & Jerry’s comes to mind).

Then there are companies like that walk the walk. 

For the past several years, Mercola has been a strong financial supporter of OCA. The online health site also contributed millions to support GMO labeling initiatives and other campaigns to expose corporate wrongdoing and promote healthy food.

If you’d like to support a company that’s aligned with your values, and also get a price break on great products, we’ve got good news. Through December 31, 2017, get 20 percent off a wide range of Mercola products. Plus for every item you purchase using this promo code, ORGANIC1217, Mercola will also donate 20 percent of the product price to OCA.

This month, we’re featuring two of Mercola’s best-selling products: Complete Probiotics and Krill Oil. But you can also use the promo code for most other products, including organic essential oils, organic sheets and towels and organic body care products.  

Place your order by December 31, 2017 and get 20 percent off your purchase price—and Mercola will donate another 20 percent to OCA. Just use this promo code when you check out: ORGANIC1217.

Get 20% off your Mercola product with this coupon: ORGANIC1217

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20% off Mercola's Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and 20% goes to Organic Consumers Association.