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Rays of Hope

“Thanks for your diligent attention to all the threats to our health and that of the planet. You are a ray of hope in this crazed world.” - Sharon in Shoreview, Minnesota

One of the most pleasant aspects of our year-end fundraising—or fundraising anytime of the year—is hearing from you, our supporters.

We really appreciate comments like the one above, from Sharon. We love being seen as a “ray of hope.”

But truth be told, our lives are brightened every day by the many rays of hope that shine down on us from all of you. You don't just make our work possible. You make it so worthwhile.

Thanks once again to your generosity, we reached our year-end fundraising goal.

Now we look forward to another year of standing up to the forces that degenerate our health and environment, and promoting and supporting those intent on regenerating not only our health and environment, but also our local economies and democracies.

From all of us at OCA, thank you. Here’s to a regenerative, organic 2018!

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