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Politics On Your Plate

We often hear that something as basic, universal and essential as food shouldn’t be political. But it is.

When the FDA approves GMOs without long-term independent safety testing, that’s political.

When the EPA says it’s okay for your food to contain toxic pesticides and other chemicals, that’s political. And when a new administration comes in and overturns a ban—one that consumers fought long and hard to obtain—on a chemical like chlorpyrifos, known to cause brain damage in kids, that’s political.

When the USDA says it’s okay for organic egg producers to circumvent animal welfare rules, that’s political.

When the Farm Bill dishes out huge subsidies for GMO commodity crops but does little or nothing to help organic regenerative farmers who improve the soil and provide high-quality nutrient-dense food, that’s political.

When the USDA rolls back safety protections for factory farm workers, that’s political.

And when corporations and their billion-dollar lobbying firms are allowed to make big donations to political candidates in exchange for policies that make your food “cheap” but damaging to your health, that’s political, too.

Like it or not, politics and the quality and safety of your food are intertwined. That’s why we’ll be urging you in the coming year to not just pressure the federal government on food and farming policy, but to get involved locally.

We’ll ask you to survey your local and state candidates on their views on pesticide use in foods, and the use of local and organic food in your town’s schools and hospitals.

We’ll ask you to ask your candidates what they plan to do to support local farms, how they will help build out local and regional organic food hubs to promote local food sovereignty and strong local economies.

We’ll ask you to build the Regeneration Movement, from the ground up, in your cities and counties and states.

And as always, we thank you for supporting our work. You are the food movement. You will drive the progress, from the grassroots up. Thank you!

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