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Bring in the New

“The deeper we look into nature, the more we recognize that it is full of life, and the more profoundly we know that all life is a secret and that we are united with all life that is in nature. Man can no longer live for himself alone.” – Albert Schweitzer

It’s hard to believe that politicians in Washington, D.C. are so shortsighted, so disconnected from nature, and from reality, that they don’t grasp the consequences of allowing corporations to unleash toxic chemicals into the environment with total abandon.

And zero accountability.

As we note in our featured action alert this week, the EPA knows neonics are killing the bees. Yet the agency charged with protecting the environment, and by extension those of us who occupy the environment—the agency funded by our tax dollars—can’t bring itself to do its job.

And when it comes to Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, despite warning signals years ago from its own scientists, the EPA can’t even acknowledge, much less do anything about the harm this poison is causing to everything, and everyone it comes in contact with.

Our government serves corporate America and its wealthy shareholders. That won't change until we, the citizens and voters and taxpayers, throw out the old, and bring in the new. Will we rise to the challenge?

In the meantime, it's our job to push back. Against polluting corporations. Against polluted politicians.

We'll have to push back individually, with each consumer purchase we make. And collectively, as a powerful grassroots movement.

Nature was here first. Nature will be here last. Will we humans, led by the CEOs of  some or our greediest corporations, destroy our environment to the point that it can no longer support human life? 

Please join, and support, the movement to end corporate corruption of our food and environmental policies. Thank you.

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