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Dirty Fingerprints

Monsanto was the master of fake news long before fake news was a thing.

For decades, the St. Louis-based biotech company has enlisted the services of expensive (and slick) PR firms to feed the public and the media lies about everything from how the company improves farmers’ lives, to how its Roundup® weedkiller is “safe,” to how GMO crops increase yields and reduce the need for pesticides.

As consumers wised up, as credible independent scientists dug deeper into the risks associated with glyphosate and Roundup®, and as the media started asking tougher questions, Monsanto was forced to up its smoke-and-mirrors game in order to counter the negative PR.

One of Monsanto’s most effective propaganda strategies has been to identify people who on the surface appear to have the right scientific credentials, then collaborate with them behind the scenes to promote Monsanto’s script as their own, independently researched opinions.

One of those people is Henry Miller, whose latest “scientific opinion” is that organic food is a scam.

We’re not surprised that Miller would tout this opinion—an opinion that the author of our featured blog post this week, Stacy Malkan, says has “Monsanto’s fingerprints in plain sight all over it.” After all, rising sales of organic and non-GMO foods threaten Monsanto’s bottom line.

What did surprise us—and Malkan, co-director of US Right to Know—was that Newsweek would run an opinion piece by someone who has been widely discredited, including most recently in a New York Times article. The Times exposed Miller for submitting an article under his own name to Forbes magazine—an article that was ghostwritten by Monsanto.

Read ‘Monsanto’s Fingerprints All Over Newsweek’s Hit on Organic Food’

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