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Earlier this week, Newsweek fired its top editorial staff. The firings followed a report that Newsweek Media Group had been defrauding advertisers by artificially inflating website traffic numbers.

The news also followed reports by U.S. Right to Know about Newsweek’s willingness to publish an opinion piece written by well-known Monsanto shill, Henry I. Miller, without disclosing Miller’s close ties to the chemical company.

Little did we know that when we asked you to complain about Miller to Newsweek and its opinion editor, Nicholas Wapshott, that your thousands of emails and tweets would rain down on Newsweek just days before the staff bloodbath.

Certainly our campaign against fake op-eds had nothing directly to do with Newseek’s legal turmoil. Still, you have to wonder. Is Newsweek so desperate for advertising dollars that its editors are not only willing to lie to their advertisers, but they’re happy to lie to their readers, too, by letting the Henry Miller types publish Monsanto propaganda as their own “expert opinions?”

Just sayin’.

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TAKE ACTION: Tell Newsweek’s Nicholas Wapshott: Discredited Monsanto Shills Have No Place on Newsweek’s Opinion Page!

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