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What’s better than raw honey? Or organic coconut oil?

How about a 20-percent discount on either or both? is best known for its vitamins and supplements—and its research and education. But it’s also a great source for a wide range of other products, each hand-selected for its quality and purity.

Mercola has always been a strong supporter of OCA’s work. And a strong supporter of organic regenerative food and farming.

Now through midnight February 28, 2018, get 20 percent off a wide range of Mercola products with this promo code: ORGANIC218. Mercola will also donate 20 percent of the product price to OCA.

Get 20% off your Mercola product with this coupon: ORGANIC218 

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20% off Mercola's Organic Fermented Beet Powder and 20% goes to Organic Consumers Association.